Solutions for industrial processing and packaging.

Welcome to the Secomak Solutions website, designed to help you find the solution to your industrial processing and packaging needs.

For help and guidance on your industry specific solution see our application pages, including our range of solutions for bottle and can drying. Visit our products page to see how our range of standard machines can improve reject rates, processing speeds and downtime.

Since 1925, Secomak have provided an array of bespoke and standard solutions to meet specific customer requirements in a range of industries - including blower driven air knife drying solutions, shrink sleeving and cap sealing machines, heating and temperature control units, and dewatering and cooling solutions. Whatever your specific processing or packaging need, we can provide you with the help, guidance and correct system to improve your performance.

Visit our support section for guidance on the operation of our air knives, blowers, heaters and industrial systems or to arrange for complimentary product trials at our drying and energy centre