Air Knife

Air knife removing water from the base of a can

Secomak air knife solutions

Secomak air knives are designed for high velocity drying and thorough blow-off applications of surface moistures and debris. The air knife has a slot design that projects an uninterrupted sheet of controlled high velocity air across the length of the air knife, supplying a powerful flow of air across the entire surface of the product.

Secomak air knives are blower-driven solutions which require a reliable supply of low pressure air. Secomak have developed a unique range of HV Fans optimised a powerful combination with the Secomak. All Secomak drying systems contain the integrated air knife and centrifugal blower, offering a higher level of performance for de-watering, cleaning and cooling applications.

Secomak air knife systems can be used in replacement of the compressed air nozzles, which are costing consumers an extent of £20, 000 per annum in compressed air running costs. Switching to a blower-driven air knife system can reduce expenditure by up to 85% as well as increasing efficiency by up to 85%.

Benefits of a Secomak Air Knife

  1. More cost effective than compressed air nozzles, saving up to 85% in running costs
  2. Easy installation and integration with minimum maintenance required
  3. Suitable for a wide range of industrial applications including de-watering and cooling
  4.  Suitable for integration into OEM or custom design for maximum flexibilty
  5. Available as blower and air knife set, or turnkey system
  6. Quieter operation noise due to use of compressed air
  7. Increased efficiency of up to 85% compared to compressed air nozzle
  8. In-house testing facilities, installation support and lifetime assistance

Air Knife

How to specify an air knife

To ensure the correct air knife and blower are provided contact Secomak directly on +44 (0)208 732 1300 or email your enquiry. 

Our technical sales team will establish the current situation and requirements to determine whether our air knife can integrate with existing equipment or a bespoke, tailored solution is required. It is important for us to fully understand the line speed, product/conveyor sizes, product proximity and the level of drying, cooling or cleaning required to be able to specify the correct air knife system. This information helps us to determine the size, position and number of air knives and blowers, and provide standard length of air knife, or turnkey systems tailored to your budget and requirements.

Air Knife Applications


  1. Bottles & Cans
  2. Jars
  3. Pouches
  4. Fresh Food Products
  5. Containers
  6. Sheet Metal
  7. Carpet


  1. Sheet Metal
  2. Extruded Components


  1. Food Products
  2. Oils & Lubricant


  1. Fresh Food Products
  2. Swarf & Dust Removal
  3. Window Panes

Static Proofing

  1. Printed Surface Boards
  2. Electronic Components

Further Information

Compressed Air Knife

Compressed Air Air Knife

Beckair, a subsidiary of Secomak, supply a range of compressed air driven air knives which are unsuitable for blower-driven applications. For more information, visit the Beckair website.

Drying Systems

The Secomak PowerStrip V is a bottle, jar and can drying machine for low to medium speed lines

Secomak air knives and blowers are integrated into all Secomak standard and bespoke drying systems. For further information visit our product pages.

Blowers and Fans

Secomak 643 Direct Drive Centrifugal Fan

Secomaks HV fans and centrifugal blowers are paired with our air knives to provide successful air knife solutions, and are integrated into all Secomak drying systems or available as a stand-alone unit. Visit our sister site Secomak Air to find out more information on our fans and blowers.