Case Studies

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Birds Eye

The Customer 

Birds Eye Walls, a subsidiary of Permira, is a leading global manufacturer of frozen food products.

The Challenge

To provide a uniform layer of batter on the world famous fish fingers.

The Problem

In the production of fish fingers, the traditional method of coating the fish is to allow the batter to naturally flow over the product to get a full coating. However, gravity alone is often not sufficient to create a uniform coating and provide the right product appearance. This method also uses excessive amounts of batter to ensure a total covering, meaning much goes to waste.

The Solution

Secomak supplied a system running from a 428G 2.2kw fan and one 450mm aluminium air knife.  The air knife was mounted above the conveyor and adjusted to the correct height to provide the a smooth, uniformly thick coating, significantly improving the product appearance. Any excess batter which is removed from the process can then be collected and recycled, significantly reducing wastage.