Case Studies

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British Nuclear Fuels Ltd

The Customer

British Nuclear Fuels Limited (BNFL) was the largest nuclear energy provider in the United Kingdom.

The Challenge

To dry radioactive rods ready for secure storage.

The Problem

Following the use of fuel rods in the nuclear reaction process, BNFL had the requirement to wash and dry the radioactive control rods prior to secure storage. It was imperative that the process be non-contact and wholly automated to prevent mishandling of hazardous material and remove the need for human contact.


The Solution

Secomak provided a 25mm circular air knife system utilising the 18/01 2.2kW side channel blower, 513 direct drive fan and a 632 9kW heater. The air knife is positioned around the rod and strips 99% of the water from the surface before the rod is fed into a drying oven to flash dry the remaining moisture. The solution ensures that the whole drying process is completely automated and can be undertaken safely without the need for human contact.