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Caterpillar Skinningrove

The Customer

Caterpillar is the worlds largest manufacturer of construction and mining equipment. In particular, Caterpillar Skinningrove produces steel track shoes for Caterpillar brand tractors, excavators and loaders.  

The Challenge

Drying and cleaning steel bars to minimise transfer of water to other environments.

The Problem

During the production of vehicle tracks the steel bars used in manufacture are shot blasted prior to use. However, the presence of water on the surface of the steel was creating issues with the shot blasting system. In addition, the shot material was remaining on the surface and being transferred into down stream processes, creating an unclean environment.


The Solution

Secomak designed two air knife systems, the first for removing surface water prior to shot blasting which utilised the high velocity 587 15kW turbo fan and four 400mm aluminium air knives.  The second system was designed for removing the shot after blasting and incorporated the 492/3 high velocity 4kW fan and two 400mm aluminium air knives.

The air knives were placed parallel to the bar to ensure a sufficiently dry surface and enable effective shot blasting and clean transfer, minimising rejects and contamination while contributing to a higher quality end product.