Case Studies

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Conder Structures

The Customer

Conder Structures are a UK based company that manufacture steel girders for use in the construction industry.  

The Challenge

To dry and clean steel girders before processing.

The Problem

The raw material is stored externally in a yard and transferred on to a conveyor for processing and surface coating when required. While in storage the girders can become wet or covered in deposits which need to be removed prior to entering the factory for processing. The traditional method of hand cleaning the girders is both cumbersome and labour intensive.

The Solution

Secomak developed an air knife system incorporating the 492/2 4kW high velocity fan, two 1000mm stainless air knives and a heater. The air knives are placed adjacent to the girder and strip away dirt and moisture as the conveyor passes. The inclusion of a Secomak 688 36kW heater assists with ice and snow removal during the winter.

The resulting solution provides an efficient and affordable method of cleaning the girders, leaving the final product with the perfect surface for processing and finishing, while reducing cleaning times, labour costs and processing errors.