Case Studies

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The Customer

Interfloor, formally The Gates Rubber Company, are a leading manufacturer of carpet underlay products.

The Challenge

To cool the rubber ready for underlay process.

The Problem

During its manufacture, carpet is passed through a 200°C molten rubber bath to create a rubber backing which improves the durability and comfort of the carpet.

Ambient air cooled the fabric before it was wound onto a roll for transport in to storage. However, the remaining heat present during the rolling would cause the carpet layers to fuse together during storage, creating a few feet of waste carpet on each roll.


The Solution

Secomak devised a system based on the 492/2 4kW high velocity blower and two 700mm aluminium air knives.  The air knives are positioned before the rolling process to cool the rubber backing to below 100°C, allowing for the finished product to be wound without the layers binding together.