HV Fans, Blowers, Air Process Heaters and Air Knives

Here you can find more information on our range of high velocity centrifugal fans and blowers, process air heaters and air knife products. Select the product category to view our range of products in that area. 

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The range of Secomak industrial process heaters come with power outputs from 1.5kW up to 36kW and are available with package controls or a simple process heater and fan combination. Secomak also offer customisation options for original equipment manufacturers who wish to integrate Secomak heaters into their product design.

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The Secomak range of high velocity centrifugal fans, turbo blowers and exhausters offer high performance units that are both flexible and compact. These heavy-duty, high-quality units are suitable for a variety of industrial applications which include: drying, cooling, air-knife applications, heating, cleaning, pneumatic, conveying, aeration, fluidising, air-sampling, extracting, combustion air, vacuum lifting and holding.

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Air knives deliver a continuous sheet of precisely controlled high velocity air for stripping away moisture and debris. To work successfully, they need a reliable supply of low pressure air. 

Used for drying a wide variety of sheet materials, boards, extrusions, bottles, jars, cans, components & castings. Single, multiple and special entry ports as required. 

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