Process Air Heaters

Secomak 571 Process Air Heater

Model 571 Process Heater (0.5 - 3kW)

The Model 571 Heater consists of a single element assembly mounted inside a nickel plated casing. The casing is provided with a flanged inlet and the outlet can either be fitted with a flange or nozzle. The Model 571 will give an outlet temperature up to 300°C and is available in loading from 0.5kW up to 3kW. The inlet of the Model 571 can be fitted with a thermal cut-out to protect the element in the event of the air flow becoming restricted. A variety of temperature controls are available, ranging from switching devices to provide fixed loadings, through to systems to monitor and regulate the outlet temperature. 

Accessories available include an air regulating valve and hose adapter. The Model 571 will fit directly to the outlet of Secomak fan Models 573 and 575. Adapters are available to fit other fans in the Secomak range. 


Secomak 571 Process Air Heater Datasheet Download 571 Datasheet
40 ft²/min 0.5" w.g.
100 ft²/min 3.3" w.g.
150 ft²/min 7.4" w.g.



230/250V AC 230/250V AC/DC 200/220V AC 200/220V AC/DC 100/110V AC 100/110V AC/DC
Voltage ranges
and loading
2 or 3kW 1, 2 or 3kW 2 or 3kW 1, 2 or 3kW 2kW 1 or 2kW

Heat Transfer Curves

The following heat transfer curve can be used to specify the appropriate heater size. First, determine the required flow rate and heater outlet temperature, then read across the axes to find the recommended size. Please note, when using the heat transfer curves allowances should be made for losses which will depend on the distance from the heater outer and the degree of insulation. The Model 571 heater is only available in sizes 0.5-3kW, please click here to view the heat transfer curves for larger models.

Selection Chart for Model 571 Heater

Use the following tables to select the appropriate version number.

Reference 571/1 571/2 571/3 571/4 571/5 571/6 571/7 571/8
AC only loadings: 2kW : 3kW
with thermal cut-out
AC/DC loadings: 1kW : 2kW : 3kW
without thermal cut-out
Single heat connected
3 - heat connected
(series parallel)
Flanged outlet
Conical outlet
1¼" dia.

Product Drawings

Secomak 571 Heater Drawing