Process Air Heaters

Secomak Process Air Heater Sets

Process Air Heater Sets

Secomak offer a range of packaged process air heater sets. These are a complete and ready-to-install system of fan, electric air heater and temperature control. 

The fan and heater are mounted within a specially designed enclosure with hose connectors for the outlet (and inlet on recirculating systems). The system is offered as a mobile unit through with two rear mounted wheels and handle. 

Control consist of a digital set point controller with temperature readout. All or part of the element load is switched using solid state relays to give accurate temperature control. Start and stop buttons are provided and also prevent the heater being operated without the fan. An over temperature sensor monitors system performance and shuts down the unit if the temperature rises above a pre-set level. The controls are mounted in a sheet steel IP54 lockable enclosure fitted with an isolator. This can be mounted to the base-frame, wall or other suitable structure.

These units have been designed to conform to CE, EMC and low voltage regulations. other combinations of fan and heater would be considered as would variations to the control specification, such as period run-timers, air flow sensors and remote stop and start. The facility to communicate via a computer can also be provided.


Secomak Process Air Heater Set Datasheet Process Air Heaters Sets Datasheet

Heatpack 9 up to 9kW
Heatpack 18 up to 18kW
Heatpack 36 up to 36kW


  1. Easy installation
  2. Accurate temperature control
  3. Clean, dry, hot air
  4. Energy saving
  5. Compact
  6. Safe
  7. Flexible




Product Drawings

Please note, the product drawings are not planning certified and may differ from the final product provided. These drawings are provided as an indication only. For further details contact our technical sales team at +44 (0)20 8732 1301 or email

Line drawing for Secomak heater and fan set